DSS Valves Announces American and International Distributors

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Over the past two years DSS Valves has been working hard to find the right global distributors for their Severe Service Knife Gate Valves. This search has culminated with the announcement of five new distributors increasing DSS Valves’ global presence across the US and Europe.   “Our goal was to align DSS Valves with distributors who exemplified severe service expertise and experience, much like we have with our Canadian distributor – CGIS,” said DSS Valves President and Co-founder Trent Runyon. “Each of these distributors have their own team of experienced engineers ready to help specify our valves for the most difficult applications you can think of. It’s an exciting time for us.”   The American distributors joining the team include TRIVACO, Nichols-Given & Associates, Eastern Industrial Supplies and Miller Valve & Controls Inc., while BAFCON Engineering Valve and Control Systems signifies DSS Valves’ first direct representation in Europe.   “BAFCON Engineering provides intelligent engineering solutions for severe service applications throughout Turkey,” commented Fatih Uzel, President at BAFCON. “We are excited to partner with DSS [...]