DSS Valves Announces American and International Distributors

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Over the past two years DSS Valves has been working hard to find the right global distributors for their Severe Service Knife Gate Valves. This search has culminated with the announcement of five new distributors increasing DSS Valves’ global presence across the US and Europe. “Our goal was to align DSS Valves with distributors [...]

CGIS Surges Forward with DSS Valves

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Vancouver, Canada, January 4, 2018—Today marks the start of the relationship between Vancouver based industrial valve distribution company CGIS and valve manufacturer, DSS Valves. Based out of Niles, Michigan, DSS Valves manufactures premium quality Severe Service Knife Gate Valves (SSKGVs), specifically designed for severe service applications. A recognized leader in the world of Severe Service [...]