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DSS Valves - Premium components come standard

DSS Valves for Mining

Severe Service Knife Gate Valves (SSKGV) have long been an integral instrument in the Mining industry; from the grinding circuit through to the refined or smelted products they’ve gotten the job done for years. DSS isn’t about just getting the job done though, we want to make sure it’s getting done right.

We want to solve the problems that are present in specific mining applications by analyzing past application data and using our experience and expertise to engineer valves that incorporate new technology to overturn these issues.

Our Severe Service Knife Gate Valves have the ability to cut through solids and scale often found in mining applications, all while providing bi-directional zero leakage isolation from full vacuum to ASME Class 1500/PN 250 (3750 psig/250 barg). Depending on the corrosive nature of the application at hand, our products can also be built with your choice of corrosive resistant metals and coatings including Xylan® 1010 and our patent pending SevereGuard™ treatment which consists of fluorinated ethylene propylene.

Long story short – DSS Valves is the premium choice of knife gates for mining applications. Period.


Mining Applications

DSS is committed to providing tailored, engineered solutions to their customers. We’ve produced thousands of valves for mining, each dictated by the application they will be used in. Some of the most common applications our valves have excelled in are listed below.

  • Grinding Circuit

  • Thickeners

  • Cyclones

  • Tailings

  • Concentrate Pipelines

  • Paste

  • Hydrometallurgy

  • Solution Mining

  • Acid Leaching

  • Neutralization

  • Filter Isolation

  • Transmitter Isolation

Severe Service Valves for Mining and Mineral Processing