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DSS M81 Knife Gate Valve

DSS Valves for Municipal

DSS Valves have proven to be a great addition to many municipal applications. Our valves operate in a variety of applications including waste water treatment and storm runoff. Our high-quality zero-leakage isolation is helping these municipalities achieve longer lifecycles for their valves and in turn, a lower overall cost of ownership.

It’s not just the high quality materials that go in to making our valves that make them great for these applications though, the expertly engineered design helps too. The DSS Severe Service Knife Gate Valve has a Guided Sheer Gate design with a sheering tip that can cut through solids and other media that often comes down the pipeline in these applications, ensuring tight shutoff. The dual transverse seals ensure the process is contained within the pipeline with zero leakage to atmosphere, and the full round bore protects against pipe turbulence and erosion. Lastly, with a variety of actuation options, we’re positive we’ll be able to find a valve that works your application.


Municipal Applications

DSS is committed to providing tailored, engineered solutions to our customers. When it comes to municipal processes, each valve we make is designed specifically for the application in question. Some of the most common applications our valves have excelled in are listed below.

  • Salt Crystalization

  • Biogas

  • Raw Water Inlet

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Sewage Treatment

  • Vacuum Truck

  • Fly Ash

  • Municipal Waste