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DSS Valves for Power

Severe Service Knife Gate Valves (SSKGV) have long been an integral instrument in the Power industry; from nuclear to hydroelectric, they’ve gotten the job done for years. DSS isn’t about just getting the job done though, we want to make sure it’s getting done right. That’s why we’ve designed our valves to solve problems that we saw occurring in many different industries. We changed the face of the Severe Service Knife Gate Valve to better serve you and your applications.

DSS Severe Service Knife Gate Valves go up to ASME Class 1500/ PN 250 pressures, have a Guided Shear Gate design that can actually cut through solids, dual transverse seals to ensure zero leakage to atmosphere, and a full round bore and internal gate guides to reduce pipe turbulence and erosion. We’ve designed these valves for severe service so you can keep your mind off maintenance and repairs and more on what’s important.


Power Applications

DSS is committed to providing tailored, engineered solutions to their customers. We’re dedicated to producing high-quality valves for power generation, each dictated by the application they will be used in. Some of the most common applications our valves have excelled in are listed below.

  • Ash Handling

  • Ash Hopper Isolation

  • C0-Generation

  • Coal Preperation

  • Fly Ash

  • Hydroelectric Power

  • Reject Dump

  • Slurry

  • Bottom Ash

Power Station