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DSS Valves - Premium components come standard

DSS Valves for Pulp and Paper

DSS Valves are a great fit in the Pulp and Paper industry where fiber in the pipeline is a common issue. The shearing tip can cut through these solids and internal gate guides prevent any blockage and warping, providing zero-leakage isolation. Rated up to ASME Class 1500/PN 250 with full flow area and no cavities where media can build up, the DSS Severe Service Knife Gate Valves and Transmitter Isolation Valves can replace plug, ball, and wedge gate valves in pulp and paper applications.

We’re already building our presence in Pulp and Paper around the US and Canada, giving our clients a trouble-free option that ensures the safety of workers, lowers the overall cost of ownership, and decreases downtime for maintenance.

DSS Valves are Designed for Severe Service.


Pulp & Paper Applications

DSS is committed to providing tailored, engineered solutions to their customers. We’ve produced thousands of valves for pulp and paper, each dictated by the application they will be used in. Some of the most common applications our valves have excelled in are listed below.

  • Bleached Kraft Pulp

  • Chip Washing/Preperation

  • High Density Cyclone Cleaner

  • Hydrocyclone

  • Kraft Fiberline

  • Unclarified/Clarified White & Green Liquor

  • Heavy, Strong, & Weak Black Liquor

  • Transmitter Isolation