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DSS Valves for Steel Manufacturing

DSS Severe Service Knife Gate Valves (SSKGVs) provide a high-quality solution for many steel manufacturing applications. Premium features like wider gates, internal gate guides, hybrid resilient/metallic seats, primary and secondary transverse seals all come together to protect you against failing valves. DSS Severe Service Knife Gate Valves meet or exceed MSS SP-135 so you can be ensured of worker safety even in the harsh climate of steel manufacturing.

Whether you are working with slurry or dust and dry bulk, our product will get the job done, right. By doing so, we can help you reduce downtime and maintenence costs, ensuring you are as profitable as possible.

DSS Valves are Designed for Severe Service.


Steel Manufacturing Applications

DSS is committed to providing tailored, engineered solutions to their customers. We produce tailored valves for steel manufacturing, each dictated by the specific application they will be used in. Some of the most common applications our valves have excelled in are listed below.

  • Blast Furnace

  • Acidic Slurry

  • Coke Production

  • Dust and Dry Bulk Handling

  • Iron Ore Slurry

  • Ore Feed

  • Recylce Steel Mill Cooling Water

  • Slurry

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Water Recycle