M81 Knife Gate Valve

Severe service performance for low pressure applications.

We’ve pared down our Severe Service Knife Gate Valve to create a lighter offering perfect for applications that still require bi-directional zero leakage isolation, but only up to MSS-SP-81 pressure specifications.

The M81 KGV is equipped with the Guided Shear Gate design to cut through scale, fiber and solids found within the pipeline. Additional features include a full round port, 316 stainless steel materials, front and back flush-outs and a full flat face flange.

This product attacks low pressure severe service applications that don’t always need the full capabilities of our SSKGV model. Consider this its younger sibling—it has the same DNA but is better suited to lower pressure and less severe applications.

Severe Service Knife Gate Valve

Work. With no limitations.

The M81 KGV. Because we know not all severe service applications are high pressure.

Severe service performance, low pressure applications

Not all Severe Service applications are high pressure, and that’s where this product shines. It’s also a great choice for applications not typically considered severe, but still require a quality no-nonsense valve that ensures the lowest cost of ownership and reliable, easy to maintain operation.

M81 Knife Gate Valve Brochure

DSS Valves—M81 KGV Brochure

The M81 Knife Gate Valve is a smart alternative to our SSKGV in low-pressure applications.

Product Features

You’ll find that premium components come standard with DSS Valves, and that doesn’t change with the M81 KGV. This valve has been designed to be fully compliant with MSS SP-81 specifications, so you can be confident you’ll get the isolation you were expecting. The M81 Knife Gate Valve still features the Guided Shear Gate design; this means it will stull cut through any material in its path while reliably sealing.

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