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The DSS Severe Service Knife Gate Valve (SSKGV) is our premier valve. This design didn’t happen overnight though; our team of engineers spent decades improving and perfecting every last detail so that you can be confident it will do what you need it to. The bi-directional zero-leakage design exceeds API, ASME, and MSS specifications all the way up to ASME Class 1500/PN 250 pressures (3750 psig/250 barg) – but we’ll go higher if you want us to.

The DSS Double Block and Bleed (DBB) valve provides the isolation you need, when you need it. Designed for Severe Service™, this valve can handle Class 150, 300, and 600 pressures. The DBB eliminates the need for complicated, costly multi-valve systems while still providing you with zero-leakage protection in harsh applications. Actuation won’t be an issue either – with a variety of options available our team will be sure to find the right solution for you.

We’ve pared down our Severe Service Knife Gate Valve to create a lighter offering perfect for applications that still require bi-directional zero leakage isolation, but only up to MSS-SP-81 pressure specifications.

The M81 KGV is equipped with the Guided Shear Gate design to cut through scale, fiber and solids found within the pipeline. Additional features include a full round port, 316 stainless steel materials, front and back flush-outs and a full flat face flange.

This product attacks low pressure severe service applications that don’t always need the full capabilities of our SSKGV model. Consider this its younger sibling—it has the same DNA but is better suited to lower pressure and less severe applications.

DSS Valves—Severe Service Check Valve (SSCKV)

Improperly designed Check Valves are notorious for failing in a myriad of ways. We tasked our engineering and development team to bring their severe service success to the non-return valve arena to create next generation Severe Service Check Valves. They provide repeatable non-return function while eliminating the release of fugitive emissions to atmosphere.

DSS Severe Service Through Gate Valves (SSTGVs) provide true zero leakage to this traditional valve design. Originally designed for the pulp & paper industry for high density pulp stock, the SSTGV suits a variety of unique applications such as: blast furnace dust catcher, electric arc furnace dust, flue gas, and static columns.

DSS Valves—Through Gate Valve

DSS Transmitter Isolation Valves (TIVs) provide zero leakage isolation and troublefree operation that ensures worker safety when instrumentation is being calibrated, maintained or replaced.

These valves are great options for Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas, Mining and Chemical applications because of their ability to cut through material in the pipeline, form a tight seal under high and low pressure, and resist corrosive substances.

R2S & S2S stands for Round-to-Square and Square-to-Square Valves, respectively. Well, that’s what we call them. You might also hear them referred to as junk trap, trash extractor, reject, or scavenger valves. Either way, the DSS iteration will provide you with the innovative Guided Shear Gate Design for tough applications found in high-density cleaners (cyclones) and pneumatic conveying processes. These valves were built to separate the waste from the valuable material in all forms of pulp manufacture and re-manufacture.

DSS Severe Service Knife Gate Valves represent the cutting edge in paste backfill valve technology because of our unmatched ability to isolate and control solids in suspension. Ranging from Class 150 (PN 20) to Class 1500 (PN 250), our valves thrive at mining facilities around the world.

Our Soft Start Paste Valve has a modified gate that permits a reduced amount of material to flow through. By slowing the flow velocity and amount of paste in the pipeline until it is completely filled during start-up, the Soft Start Paste Valve removes the chance for catastrophic impact caused when paste descends vertically and reaches elbows, valves, or other instruments in the pipeline.

AIS & BAA Compliant

DSS is dedicated to producing North American Made Severe Service Valves (SSVs). The majority of our components and parts are sourced from US-based vendors and manufacturing takes place at our headquarters in Niles, MI.

We are proud to be compliant with both the American Iron and Steel (AIS) Requirement and the Buy American Act (BAA).

DSS Valves — AIS Requirement
DSS Valves — BAA Compliant


We purchased 12” and 16” Guided Shear Gate Valves (knife gate valves) from DSS Valves in the fall of 2017. We were under pressure as our previous supplier indicated they could not meet the required delivery date and these valves were a critical component of a treatment system we were in the middle of building.

DSS stepped up with a competitive quote and an aggressive timeline that helped us hold our schedule. They were very open and honest in the discussions leading up to the order and throughout the whole process up to delivery—which was even earlier than promised. They clearly explained any limitations and took any scheduled outages into account when communicating deliveries (such as US holidays). They were always very professional and a pleasure to deal with.

I would gladly work with DSS again.

DSS Valves Client: ClearBakk Water Solutions—Calgary, AB

We are excited to team up with DSS! Their commitment to providing engineered, custom, knife gate valves aligns with our focus of being solutions providers for our customers for some of the most demanding valve applications in industry.
I would gladly work with DSS again.

DSS Valves Distributor: Tristate Valves & Controls (TRIVACO)— Hebron, KY

Benjie Pieper, President, TRIVACO

BAFCON Engineering provides intelligent engineering solutions for severe service applications throughout Turkey. We are excited to partner with DSS Valves and look forward to expanding their reach in the global market for Severe Service Knife Gate Valves.

DSS Valves Distributor: BAFCON—Istanbul, Turkey