Intro Brochure
Learn about the our team, the problems our designs solve and what makes a Severe Service Knife Gate Valve.
  Product Brochure
Get a detailed look into our product features and benefits, design specifications and ordering information.
DSS Valves – Sustainable Solutions for Mining Brochure
  Sustainable Solutions for Mining Brochure
DSS Valves are helping mining and mineral processing organizations improve their ESG scores, reduce material waste, and achieve the lowest cost of ownership — all while protecting the environment and staff.
DSS Valves — Severe Service Check Valves
  Intro Brochure — Severe Service Check Valves
The DSS SSCKV is the premier Check Valve on the market today and is engineered to perform where conventional Check Valves fail.
Download Knife Gate Valve Infographic
Check out this informative infographic about the evolution of the Severe Service Knife Gate Valve.
  Paste Backfill Applications Brochure
See how our SSKGV and Soft Start Paste Valves take on one of the toughest applications — Paste Backfill.
DSS Valves TIV Brochure
  Transmitter Isolation Valves (TIVs) Brochure
TIVs provide zero-leakage isolation in Pulp and Paper, Oil and Gas, Mining, and Chemical applications.
DSS Valves TIV Brochure
  M81 Knife Gate Valve Brochure
The DSS M81 is built for applications where you don't need all the bells and whistles.
Round to Square Valve Brochure
  R2S & S2S Valves Brochure
Also known as junk trap, trash extractor, reject or scavenger valves, the Round-to Square and Square-to-Square Valves can be used in the toughest applications.
DSS Valves - Torque-Tek Actuation Gun
  Torque-Tek Actuation Gun
The DSS Torque-Tek Actuation Gun is a powerful accessory that works with all DSS Knife Gate Valves with handwheels or gear operators.
Download the Instruction, Operation and Maintenance Manual for our Severe Service Knife Gate Valves.
  IOM for DBB
Download the Instruction, Operation and Maintenance Manual for our Double Block and Bleed Valves.