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R2S & S2S stands for Round-to-Square and Square-to-Square Valves, respectively. Well, that’s what we call them. You might also hear them referred to as junk trap, trash extractor, reject, or scavenger valves. Either way, the DSS iteration will provide you with the innovative Guided Shear Gate Design for tough applications found in high-density cleaners (cyclones) and pneumatic conveying processes. These valves were built to separate the waste from the valuable material in all forms of pulp manufacture and re-manufacture.

The key to the Guided Shear Gate design is the shearing tip and internal gate guides. From open to close the gate is fully guided, which removes any chance of deflection due to media. The end result? A knife gate valve capable of bi-directional zero leakage in Class 150 pressures that can shear through metal, fiber and anything else found in these severe service applications.

Round to Square Valve

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North American made Severe Service Knife Gate Valves.

Custom Valve Designs for Pulp and Paper

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Heard of the term lowest cost of ownership? We’re firm believers in it. Obtaining this truly comes down to using the right valve for the application. Material choice is paramount in this decision, which is why we work with various metal, coating, overlay and wear ring options. Work with us to design the perfect valve for your Pulp and Paper needs.

Round-to-Square and Square-to-Square Valves

Round to Square Valve Brochure

The DSS Round-to-Square and Square-to-Square valves are tailored to solve a common Junk Trap configuration.

Product Features

One common Junk Trap configuration involves our Round-to-Square Valve at the inlet or upper portion of the Junk Trap, with the Square-to-Square Valve operation at the outlet.

The systems can be customized to include:

  • Vortex breakers
  • Wear rings
  • Internal/external flush options
  • Chrom carbide overlay options

Not what you were looking for?

DSS offers a variety of valve configurations, including industry-specific valves.