Severe Service Check Valves

Engineered performance for non-return applications.

The DSS SSCKV is the premier check valve on the market today and is engineered to perform where conventional check valves fail.

With our decades of experience in designing and manufacturing Severe Service Valves (SSVs) and employing staff who have spent entire careers studying check valves, the time has come to improve this portion of the industry.

Round to Square Valve

Work. With no limitations.

North American made Severe Service Check Valves.

AIS & BAA Compliant

DSS is dedicated to creating North American Made Severe Service Valves. When it comes to our Severe Service Check Valves, 100% of the components are sourced from US-based vendors, with the final assembly taking place in Niles, MI.

We are fully compliant with American Iron and Steel (AIS) provisions, and are proud to also be compliant with the Buy American Act (BAA).

DSS Valves — AIS Requirement
DSS Valves — BAA Compliant
DSS Valves — Check Valves: A technologically advanced product

Remove the chance for critical failure

Check Valves are often overlooked during the design of piping systems because conventional designs are prone to failures and do not provide reliable non-return function as they should. This thinking often leads to pump damage, process inefficiencies, or even catastrophic failures.

DSS Valves understands typical Check Valve failure modes and has engineered a technologically advanced product to succeed where standard Check Valves do not. We specialize in providing zero leakage performance in high pressure and temperature applications, and our material options can withstand the most corrosive media in your processes.

Severe Service Check Valves

DSS Valves — Severe Service Check Valves

Engineered to perform where conventional Check Valves fail.

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DSS offers a variety of valve configurations, including industry-specific valves.